Joey Hale’s Successful Journey With Two Men and a Truck

Joey Hale proudly does the franchise business with Two Men and a Truck. Before his beginning as a franchise owner, he was working as a driver and a mover. He started his adventurous journey with Two Men and a Truck in 1999. He owned six franchise businesses and earned $6 Million every year.

About Two Men and a Truck

The company is offering franchise for the last thirty years with five consecutive years of growth in double-digit. They are doing great in moving industry coupled with creative ideas and process to offer a great opportunity to the franchise partner. Joey capitalized the business solution offered by Two Men and a Truck and established a great success. Since he was into driving, he knew the nuances of moving industry.

Joey Hale Experience Summary

  • He is a franchise partner with business, home packing and moving service for the last seventeen years.
  • He started his journey with an investment of $550,000 with a split up of $150,000 liquid asset and net worth $350,000.
  • Franchisor fee is $50,000 with 6% payment as royalty on the revenue generated.
  • Completed 2016 with more than $7 million in

Why Did Joey Hale Choose Moving Business? 

His driving experience triggered his interest to start a moving business, and he felt franchise will be the right choice with low investment and high returns. His father-in-law inspired him in 1998 to associate with Two Men and a Truck with his experience in the Knoxville, Tennessee location. Further, the interest of Hale to meet more people made him grow in his moving initiative.

From 1999, Hale started operating independently after gaining knowledge from his father-in-law. He then bought the franchise. He expanded quickly with six franchises in three locations namely Tennessee, California, and Maryland respectively. There are sixteen employees with six trucks in Maryland.

Hale Opinion About Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is a professional moving company with more than three decades of experience and over 2600 vehicles running across the globe with offices in 380 locations. The company is best according to Hale because they have full-time people to support the franchise operators.

Benefits of Being a Franchise Partner

The compliance regulation for providing safety to the workers and healthcare requires attention, which is a primary challenge in the moving business. Two Men and a Truck resolve all these issues quickly, and the franchise can focus on getting more business. They also provide help in marketing, accounting, and training the drivers to work efficiently. Thus, Hale can stay assured with Two Men and a Truck for they offer end-to-end support for their franchise owners. More than hundred SME are associated full-time with the company, which helps to make both the franchise and the model a successful model. He is happy about being a part of this journey and recommends people to join Two Men and a Truck to become entrepreneurs investing optimal money and making big-time returns with the satisfaction of winning money in their life.