Huntington Learning Center Successful Franchise Partner Brian Riddick

About Brian Riddick

Brian Riddick worked in Pentagon till 1990, and he was taking care of the cost analysis for the weapon systems and taking care of budget for the planes including the Stealth Bomber. He realized at some point in life that the government jobs proved to be taxing with no growth financially and he did not feel satisfied.

Later, he tried his hands on corporate jobs and joined as a CFO for Capital One in the credit card line of business, which has high-risk. He felt that the banking became as routine as the government.

Riddick’s Aspiration

The work experience with both government and banking sector made him think that he is searching for something that he needs to get into. So he started looking at the business opportunity. He thought about franchise opportunity to invest less and checked options including automobile repair shop, dry cleaning, etc. But, in 2004, he firmly decided to pick up franchise business with Huntington Learning Center. He aspired to be on his own, make money, break the monotony, and help others. This collective aspiration precisely matched with the learning center business.

Success Path

Brian started his Tutoring franchise in 2012, and with 14 long years of experience, he expanded his business in many locations including Texas, San Antonio, Washington state, Oregon, Beaverton, Idaho, and Boise. He is making $1.4 million every year since 2015 and looking at growth every year.

He was able to pick up the business using his Capital One money and invested that in the franchise business with Huntington Learning Center. The center is started with the purpose of educating students to prepare for the test. He first obtained his profit only in six months after starting his business. He knows how plan money to take it to success, and thus he opened so many centers.

His experience in teaching soccer to the children at his young age helped him to tutor the business. That helps him to understand kids and know their strength and weakness to train them accordingly. His motto is to take care of kids, and he believes that rest will be taken care on its own.

The business is continually growing at the rate of 25 percent every year and 40 percent 2016. The job interests him to carefully watch the kids scores and giving them inputs to grow. He is planning to expand in Manhattan in New York City.

His Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs

He wants a person to choose from the available opportunities that align with their inspiration. Once you go in the line of your liking, you will notice that the time flies and you will never feel bored. The sense of satisfaction is a must to grow in any field adds Riddick. One must know their interest and invest to make money and offer some service to people in the name of the business.

For those growing entrepreneurs, he wishes good luck and suggests them to identify before they start and stick once they begin the journey to attain success.