10 Surprising Success of Franchising in the Business World

Franchising acted the role model for creating and fulfilling the American dream. We are now going to discuss some astonishing facts about the franchise industry. These facts will help anyone to understand how much success franchising can bring.

  1. Number of Franchise Involvement

The franchise establishments in the United States in around 750,000. These total businesses directly employ more than 8 million people combined. The Quick Services Restaurants and the Table Service Restaurants comprise around 50% of all franchise jobs. This involvement has taken a big part of the total business in the US.

  1. The first Franchise contract

Singer is known as the first one who developed the first franchise contract to distribute sewing machines across the United States. A modern franchise model’s father is the founder of the Singer named Albert Singer. He was the one to begin the franchise contract in the US.

  1. Franchise Restaurant Business

The founder of the Wendy’s, Dave Thomas, have learned the franchise restaurant business while working at KFC in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He had earned a lot of money to open his franchise restaurant Wendy’s. He has earned a lot from the ownership given to him by Sanders of KFC which had underperformed KFC in the location of Columbus, Ohio.

  1. Franchise Burger Restaurant Business

The ‘Five Guys’, the burger Restaurant, is operated by five brothers from Alexandria, Virginia. They originally carried out only a burger joint in 1986. But now, the ‘Five Guys’ provide 250,00 ways to order a burger and it is an innovative invention of their franchise restaurant business.

  1. Franchise Idea

The Pinkberry offers its different types of flavors in a rotational manner. In a year, this rotation continues to go for several times. But one flavor is always common and that is the “Original” of this yogurt shop. This is a franchise idea which makes a good profit for this shop.

  1. First Desktop Publish

The Alphagraphics offer different types of work like the printing, marketing communications and the document creation and management. Although these are their main works, they are the first publisher of the Desktop and they published it in 1984. It was a franchise technique to make a new turn of a business.

  1. Largest Global Gym

The largest global gym is the Gold’s Gym in Venice. It was nicknamed ‘the Mecca’. It has a wide range of members from novice to professional. The Hollywood stars are also member of this gym. The naming is a franchise idea to make good profit.

  1. Franchise ESA Program

The only franchise ESA that is Environmentally Sustainable Actions was taken by the Honest-1 Auto Care and they are certified of eco-friendly locations and national franchise. They are one of the top four at ESA program approaching Pollution prevention, resource conservation, recycling and offering and promoting eco-friendly auto care services.

  1. Big Business

Over 3 million customers visit Dunkin’ Donuts per day. Some these customers receive its coffee subscription service and regular refills. They offer the option for home delivery.

  1. Top Ice-cream Parlor

The Baskin-Robbins offer the biggest collection of flavors. They are well known for the 31 flavors slogan. They had introduced more than 1000 flavors of ice-cream.


The franchising is such a business promoting marketing technique that promotes a business to a top level over world. Anybody can get success by encoding a franchise technique to his business. This is reason of the success of the American Business developers. Above information proved the surprising success of the franchising. People become more interested to follow franchising in their business.